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Core Functions

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), is staffed with officers from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and the Customs and Excise Department.

The Core functions of the FIU include:

  • Conduct investigations concerning serious financial crimes.
  • Collect, request, receive, process, analyze and interpret information relating to financial crimes.
  • Document and share trends and typologies with stakeholders.
  • Provide the requisite feedback with respect to reports to local and foreign entities in relation to offences captured by the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Terrorism Act or any other enactment relating to AML/CFT.
  • Conduct audit inspections on reporting entities for AML/CFT compliance.
  • Inform reporting entities of their obligations mandated by the requisite legislations with respect to AML/CFT matters.

Financial Intelligence Unit

The enactment of the Proceeds of Crime Act 6 of 2012, the Financial Intelligence Unit Act 14 of 2012 and the Terrorism Act 16 of 2012, represent a comprehensive legislative regime highlighting the Grenada Government’s commitment to rid our financial system from the scourge of money laundering and terrorist financing and the attendant problems.

Tafawa Pierre

Head of FIU

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